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We're back for our fall textile & book drive!


When: Saturday, November 4, 2023 10am - 2pm

(This is a new date. Previous date was postponed for weather.)

Where: Hastings Square, near the corner of Brookline & Chestnut

Why: Clean your home! Keep things out of landfills! Get your stuff to people who need it! Support the CNA!

Who: We're partnering with:

- Helpsy, who will sort your textiles (they'll take everything, and they decide what gets resold/reused/recycled) and also pays the CNA per pound collected

- More Than Words, a youth-run job training program who will resell your books as part of running their program. 



For textiles, they accept more than you think, quality does not matter, and they will sort for you. 

For booksquality matters. Please only bring books that can be resold. See below:


Clean, dry, odorless, any condition.

In bags or boxes, please.

Anything you can wear, sleep in, or dry yourself off with. This includes any type of material composed of natural or synthetic fibers, such as products made from wool, silk, linen, cotton, polyester, leather, vinyl, hemp, and rayon. The following items can be donated in any condition (torn, worn, stained, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.) as long as they are clean, dry, and odorless.


● Men, Women, Children sizes

● Dresses, t-shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, suits, pajamas, bathrobes, etc.

● Slips, bras, underwear, tights, shifts

● Coats, scarves, gloves, hats

● Belts, ties, handkerchiefs, bandanas

● Wallets, purses, backpacks, totes

● Shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, sneakers, cleats, slippers

● Towels, sheets, blankets, throws, comforters

● Halloween costumes

● Curtains, drapes, fabric shades, shower curtains

● Placemats, tablecloths, linens

● Throw rugs, fabric mats

● Stuffed animals



In gently used condition or better. 

In bags or boxes, please.

- Hardcover or trade paperbacks

- Classics

- Current textbooks (within 10 years)

- Children's books

- Philosophy/history/religious books

- Cookbooks

- Art books

- Coffee table picture books

- Antiquarian, unusual, or collectable books

- CDs: audiobooks or music, in original case without scratches

- DVDs, BluRays

- Video Games


Not accepted:

- Health books over 5 years old

- Travel guides over 5 years old

- Textbooks/reference over 10 years old

- Encyclopedias

- Periodicals, magazines

- VHS or cassette tapes

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