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Cambridgeport Block Parties

We want to help you meet your neighbors! We believe life is better when you are connected to your home community, and block parties are a great chance to say hi, enjoy the nice weather together, and have fun on your street!

Beyond fun, the need is also real: Resilient Cambridge is the City's plan to make the city more prepared for and resilient to the impacts of climate change while improving the quality of life and enhancing the city. One of the four components of the plan is Closer Neighborhoods: “Success will depend on the strength and resilience of our social networks: family, friends, and neighbors….” Knowing your neighbors allows you to help and be helped, whether in an emergency or with daily life.


We have volunteers from throughout Cambridgeport who are planning to host block parties throughout this spring, summer, and fall. The CNA will provide tools and resources to support these efforts. 

How can the CNA help?
Block parties are independently run, and you are in charge of your own event.
However, we want to support you and are here to help make it happen! 


Meet new people! We can include your party on this page, social media, and our listserv.

Grant Funding

City Grants: Click here to apply for $300 from the City of Cambridge.

Email Address

For planning and advertising, we can give you a free yourstreet@ email address.


Need a hand with anything? Let us know! We'll help you directly, connect you with neighbors, and/or put out a call for volunteers. 

Email us.

Reusable Materials

The CNA has a collection of little things (chalk, bubbles, etc) and can buy more to share. (Email us.)

The City has Play Streets - apply here.

Address climate change at your party

Did you know that buildings in Cambridge are responsible for 82% of the City's emissions?  The City of Cambridge wants to help you think about how to take action to address climate change.


Cambridge Energy Alliance has created a block party toolkit to help you think about how you can encourage your neighbors to take meaningful action together. We have fun tools like a fossil fuel free dollhouse or an electricity generating bike to help have a conversation about energy with people of all ages as well as a guide to help you think through what activities you might want to bring to your block party.


Let's make this block party season one to remember by coming together to take action on climate change! If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to or check the additional resources box on the City Block Party Resources Request form to receive more information.

Don't see what you need? Email us and ask about it. We'll see what we can do.

Party Map

Get ready to party!

Check out our map, and over over the location to see date and contact info.

Email us to get your party added or to update details. 

NOTE: This map is currently showing 2023 block parties. Check back soon for 2024 updates.

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