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st. augustine's church

What's Going On?

St. Augustine's African Orthodox Church at 137 Allston Street has won a Institutional Preservation Grant from the Cambridge Historical Commission. They have provided multiple matching grants and are currently matching gifts up to $50,000 at 50%.

We have already raised the money to repair the roof!

The current round of fundraising will go toward 3 elements crucial to preserving the building:

1) Improving the windows. Current windows are single-pane and leaky. They will either be replaced or fitted with storm windows.

2)  Restoring the siding. The building still has original shingles from 1886-88 that help bring out its historical character, but many are rotting or missing and additional insulation is needed.

3) Adding ADA accessibility. The side entrance, with trellised woodworking and interior painted wood, was originally the main entrance. Restoring it also provides an opportunity to make the building accessible.

Of the first $50,000 raised by CNA this year, 10% will go to support arts programming at the church through Black History in Action for Cambridgeport.

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Great news!

The National Trust for Historic Places has just awarded us a

$15,000 grant

The Cambridge City Council unanimously voted to grant LANDMARK STATUS to the church's exterior on 2/22/21!

Landmark Status!

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St A page 2.jpg

How can I help?

Please donate what you can today!


Your donation will support Black History in Action for Cambridgeport (BHAC) in the urgent work of architecturally restoring St. Augustine’s and of renewing its community service mission for the Cambridge community.

Mailing Address:

Cathie Zusy

CNA Treasurer 

202 Hamilton St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Donate by check, payable to "Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association"

Click "Donate" to use a credit card.

(2.2% fee applies)

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Donate using our GoFundMe (or share with others!)

(2.2% fee applies)

Thank you!

From St. Augustine's Church, Black History in Action for Cambridgeport, and

the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association

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