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Cambridgeport History

Kit Rawlins, Cambridge Historical Commission

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Part 2: 

Cport History

Defeating the Inner Belt

 In Spring 2022, Steve Kaiser organized a conference that featured many of the key players who stopped the Inner Belt highway. This project would have demolished 2,200 houses in Cambridgeport, but was blocked 50 years ago.

You can watch the full conference or see individual short videos for each of the 14 speakers. See


Thanks to all of those who stopped this highway and many thanks to Steve Kaiser for documenting this important story, with the support of so many and especially Becky Benfield and the Cambridge Historical Commission.


If This House Could Talk

More info at

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Neighborhood Zoning &

Development History

Charles Sullivan, Cambridge Historical Commission


Q & A:

A note from the CNA Board & Charles Sullivan: 

We recognize that the history of redlining is inextricably intertwined with the history of racism in American cities. Racism was central to redlining, in Cambridge and throughout the United States.


  • Not convinced that race was a key factor? Click here to see examples of text from the Federal Housing Administration's official Underwriting Manual.


  • Want to see how this looked in Cambridge? Click here to see a redlined map for Cambridgeport and the descriptions used, including references to race.

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