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Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA) was founded in November 2004 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Membership is open to all residents of Cambridgeport, families of children who attend Cambridgeport schools, and people who work in Cambridgeport.


Neighborhood happenings, social and culture, zoning, development, roads and traffic, trees and parks, and other issues of importance to Cambridgeport (and sometimes beyond) are discussed at our meetings.

CNA is represented by a board which is elected annually by voting members.


2020 Board Members:

Rebecca Bowie, President

Brittany Butler

Gabe Cira

Julia Halprin

Rachel Han, Communications

Luke Mitchell, Recording

Cathie Zusy, Treasurer

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Announcements and Events


Social Justice Focus Survey - 1 question

The CNA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee wants to hear from you about the parts of Cambridgeport where you want to see improvements in social justice and equity. We are especially interested in where to focus our time right away. 1 question survey --> click here.



The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA)'s Board started a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. For more info, see below, and join us.


We hope this committee will attract both active CNA members and people who have not been previously involved in the CNA. We strongly encourage and value participation by neighbors who are historically or currently not well represented.

"I appreciate the work the CNA has done and is doing, and as a very inactive neighborhood observer, I felt this survey asked us important questions."

"I'm not on the committee, but I would think that just having such a committee is a big step forward for the CNA and for the neighborhood."

"I appreciate all those who volunteered for the committee and I look forward to hearing about and supporting your work and initiatives on behalf of our community."

"Thank you so much for [this] survey...I picked my top 3, and would gladly see the neighborhood association working these issues."

CNA Meetings Are Back!

In this time of social distancing, we can still help one another. Do you need help from a neighbor? Are you available to help others? Please fill out this form, and we'll try to connect you.

Be on the lookout for virtual and social-distance friendly events!

For COVID-19 (coronavirus) information for Cambridge, please see the City's webpage here.

Next Virtual Community Meeting

Thursday, 11.19.2020 at 5:30pm ET

Registration (hover over to see link) is required due to security. 

5:30-6:00 Social time/meet your neighbors
6:00-6:15 Neighborhood updates
6:15-6:30 I-90 project updates
6:30-6:45 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion committee projects
6:45-7:00 MBTA Forging Ahead information
7:00-7:30 River Street reconstruction updates (please review this StoryMap in advance and bring your questions)

Past Events, 2020

CNA Board continues to meet once a month.

September 2020: Virtual Community Meeting

May 2020: Plant Swap

April 2020: Virtual Trivia Night

April 2020: Teddy Bear in the Window - Bear Hunt

April 2020: Support Local Businesses Media Campaign

April 2020: Neighborhood Tour with Scout Cambridge and Cambridge Local First - rescheduled

March 2020: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Match Service

January 2020: Public meeting and annual election

Invitation to join Cambridgeport's

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA)'s Board is starting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Would you like to join?


This committee will help the CNA do its part to create a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and thriving society. A primary effort is to ensure that the CNA engages and represents the Cambridgeport neighborhood as a whole -- both in who participates and in the topics and perspectives discussed.


We have drafted first steps, so the committee will have something to work with during its initial meeting. From there, the agenda will be set by committee members, and we need your active participation.


The committee currently has four CNA board members: Brittany Butler, Julia Halprin, Rachel Han, Rebecca Bowie. We are looking for any interested community members to join us. Anyone who lives, works, or has children in schools in Cambridgeport is welcome.


We hope this committee will attract both active CNA members and people who have not been previously involved in the CNA. We strongly encourage and value participation by neighbors who are historically or currently not well represented by the neighborhood association. Please feel free to share this message to your friends and networks.


Questions? Comments? Interest in joining the committee? Please email

Support Cambridgeport Businesses!

For our list of what's open and how you can support, check out our local business page


Community Resources


We won 2 grants

from the National Trust Preservation Funds for architecture work at St. Augustine's: one for $2.5k and another for $15k!

Thank you!

Cambridgeport's St. Augustine's African Orthodox Church (137 Allston St.) has been awarded a second $50k matching grant from the Cambridge Historical Commission. Funding will be used toward restoration of the siding, windows, and for ADA accessibility. The roof is being redone now.

The CNA is fundraising to help with this historical preservation project in our neighborhood. In addition to the grant, the CHC will match all donations for up to $50k in additional funds



There are three ways to donate:

Mailing Address:

Cathie Zusy, CNA Treasurer
202 Hamilton St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Donate by check, payable to "Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association"

Click "Donate" to use a credit card.

(2.2% fee applies)

Donate using our GoFundMe (or share with others!)

(2.2% fee applies)

Join Our Listserv!

You're invited if you live or work in Cambridgeport, or if you have a child in a Cambridgeport school.

Send a blank email to: 

The CNA listserv is a forum for issues and information related to Cambridgeport. Opinions expressed by individuals do not reflect the opinions of the organization. Rules for participation are here.

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