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Who We Are

The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA) was founded in November 2004 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We are located in Cambridge, MA with borders on River St, Mass Ave, the Grand Junction train tracks, and the Charles River.

 All residents of Cambridgeport, families of children who attend Cambridgeport schools, and people who work in Cambridgeport are part of the CNA and are encouraged to sign up for one of our listservs, follow us on social media, and join us at events. 


We strive to strengthen community, facilitate advocacy, and share information. Our activities include informational meetings, social events, and neighborhood improvement projects. 

The CNA is represented by a board which is elected annually by community members.

2023 Board Members:

Rebecca Bowie, President

Brittany Butler, Clerk

Tien-Tien Chan, Clerk

Cathie Zusy, Treasurer

Valerie Bonds, DEI Committee Chair

Jimena Bermejo

Tonia Hicks

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Our events are always free, open to the public, and no prior participation is necessary.

We encourage new faces to join us!

Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 19



View the recordings

In preparation for the City of Cambridge's Municipal Elections on November 7th, the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association will host Candidate Night featuring both City Council and School Committee candidates. Please join us on Thursday, October 19 at 7pm to learn more about the candidates.


In terms of format, we will kick off with a brief welcome and then hear short, 2:30 minute speeches from each candidate. All candidates will be asked to answer the same questions, which will be announced publicly in the coming weeks. 

We have confirmed 100% City Council candidates and 100% of the School Committee candidates. We look forward to hearing from them, and hope that you'll join us on the 19th! 

Textile/Book Drive

Saturday, November 4 (new date!)
10am - 2pm
Hastings Square
(Brookline & Chestnut St)

We're collecting all your used textiles and books!

Textiles go to Helpsy. 

- Clean, odorless, in a bag

- ANY quality (they'll sort to different destinations for you)

- Includes things that might surprise you (like shoes, stuffed animals, throw rugs)

Books go to More Than Words

- Resale quality, please

- Includes things that might surprise you (like CDs, DVDs, video games)

See here for all the details and lists of what's accepted. 

Year of the Block Party

This spring/summer/fall

Check out our page.

Upcoming Block Parties:
- Sept 30:
Laurel St. 4-7 pm 

- Oct 28 (Rain date 10/29)
Tufts St, 3:00-9:00pm

The CNA Board is working to make 2023 the "Year of the Block Party." Want to help? 


We are looking for:

  • Block party hosts (your neighbors and the CNA will help with everything! We even have some grant money available. If you're unsure but potentially interested, reach out!) 

  • Block party volunteers (can't host on your street but want to help somehow?)

  • People with skills to share - especially musicians! (Or other block party skills. Grilling? Face painting? Whatever you can think of.) Can be volunteer or paid. 


If you are at all interested, please email

Need convincing? It's for a good cause! Not only is it fun to know your neighbors, but the need is real: Resilient Cambridge is the City's plan to make the city more prepared for and resilient to the impacts of climate change while improving the quality of life and enhancing the city. One of the four components of the plan is Closer Neighborhoods: “Success will depend on the strength and resilience of our social networks: family, friends, and neighbors….”

DEI Subcommittee

Last Monday of the month


Register for Zoom link here. 

Cambridge Neighborhood Association Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sub-Committee facilitated by Co- Chairs Valerie Bonds and Brian Aull.


Join a group of Cambridge residents concerned about the racism in our culture, who are looking for an opportunity to discuss the issues with others, with a goal to understand better, and work towards equal justice for all.   We do this through sharing readings, personal experiences and discussing current issues in town and beyond. We discuss topical readings to increase our awareness and understanding of how racism manifests in our society and community, and we work to address inequities and amplify marginalized voices in Cambridge. Repeat participants help to move the conversation forward, andbrand-new participants are welcome and encouraged each month. 

Shop secondhand with us

Be good to the environment and help raise money for the CNA! We get a portion of sales when you shop secondhand with Helpsy (our textile drive partner) using this link:

Past Events since 2020

The CNA Board meets monthly.

June 2023: Bike Meetup & Showcase

May 2023: Textile & Book Drive, Universal Pre-K Info Session

March 2023: First hybrid community meeting

February 2023: Annual Meeting

January 2023: Community gatherings

November 2022: Community Meeting

October 2022: Textile & Book Drive, Community meeting

September 2022: Meet Your Neighbor Day

May 2022: Community Meeting

April 2022: Textile Drive, Clean Up & Seedling Swap, Community meeting

February 2022Virtual Meeting/Board Elections

December 2021: Special election candidate forum

November 2021: Fall Gathering in Dana Park

October 2021: Municipal Candidate Night

September 2021: Cambridgeport Play Day

May 2021: Neighborhood Plant Swap

April 2021: Community Clean Up

April 2021: Virtual Community Meeting

March 2021: Virtual Community Meeting

February 2021: Virtual Community Meeting & Annual Elections

November 2020: Virtual Community Meeting

September 2020: Virtual Community Meeting

May 2020: Plant Swap

April 2020: Virtual Trivia Night

April 2020: Teddy Bear in the Window - Bear Hunt

April 2020: Support Local Businesses Media Campaign

March 2020: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Match Service

January 2020: Public meeting and annual election

Connect With Us!


Join Our Neighborhood Conversation Listserv!

You're invited if you live or work in Cambridgeport, or if you have a child in a Cambridgeport school.

The CNA neighborhood conversation listserv is a forum for issues and information related to Cambridgeport. Opinions expressed by individuals do not reflect the opinions of the organization. Rules for participation are here.

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Find us on social media

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